Miami's PO$HDOG Exhibiting in New York's New Museum Along With Scharf, Fairey

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Who or what inspires you?

My friends inspire me the most to go harder, because I like to chill around people who make shit. And girls. Girls are really inspiring. I think girls are the shit, all types of girls. Y'all give so much energy. Like goddess energy.

What's your process?

I never think. I have an idea but things change. I never sketch it out first. My whole process is weird, just hella markers and hella fun. I don't really think about it too much.

What's your ideal work space?

The ideal would be a nice lavish studio space with high windows, high walls, and mad girls around me so I could concentrate ton the painting and make it cool. That wouid be the ideal.

What are your favorite tools to work with?

I love markers. Markers are like oh my god, I love all types of markers. Like paints and markers, black markers, I love the black color-like creation, everything has a black outline,.It's cool. Ever since I've been traveling, I've been learning about new brands and markers and shit. Japanese black markers, and French black markers.

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Raina McLeod
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