Miami's Perfect Woman Looks like Kristen Stewart, Acts Like Michelle Obama

Ladies, are you looking for an edge in Miami's difficult dating scene? Uncomfortably prostitute-y dating site WhatsYourPrice.com, which lets men pay for dates with women, can help. It surveyed its male members living in Miami to determine what features make women most attractive to the opposite sex -- the ones who see no problem shelling out cash for undefined "benefits," anyway.

"A man's desire is measured by the amount that he is willing to invest in an opportunity," explains WYP CEO and founder Brandon Wade in the release. "This is a perfect example of 'putting your money where your mouth is,' as these men date what they desire and have the means necessary to find their perfect woman."

And what they desire, apparently, is a Kristen Stewart-Michelle Obama hybrid.

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Based on a survey of 5,000 users, WYP found that Miami's most desirable hair color is brunette, with men paying an average of $138.45 for the privilege of spending time with a brown-haired girl. Green is the most popular eye color, adding $40.83 to a woman's WYP worth.

Personality-wise, however, Miami's men are more attracted to a smart chick who's not too crazy. They pay more for social drinkers ($15.31) than for non-drinkers ($12.74), but don't want to be smelling cigarettes in that brown hair, paying $17.60 for non-smoking girls over casual smokers ($14.04) and regular smokers ($10.39).

They also prefer higher education, with Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate degrees earning more than Associate's and high school diplomas alone.

After extensive Googling, we were unable to find a famous example of a brown-haired, green-eyed non-smoking, college-educated woman. (Apparently Hollywood doesn't find them nearly attractive as Miami's men do.) So instead, try imagining this: the college-educated, smoke-free mind of Michelle Obama inside the green-eyed, brunette body of Kristen Stewart.

Sounds terrifying to us, but hey, Miami's men have spoken.

Check out the full results from the WYP study on the next page.

Most Desirable Hair Color

1.) Brunette (+$138.45)

2.) Blonde Hair (+$134.90)

3.) Black Hair (+$131.61)

4.) Red Hair (+$129.39)

5.) Other (+$125.07)

Most Desirable Eye Color

1.) Green Eyes (+$40.83)

2.) Brown Eyes (+$39.32)

3.) Hazel Eyes (+$37.54)

4.) Blue Eyes (+36.11)

5.) Other (+$29.90)

Most Desirable Vice (Drinking)

1.) Social Drinker (+15.31)

2.) Casual Drinker (+14.28)

3.) Non-Drinker (+12.74)

Most Desirable Vice (Smoking)

1.) Non-Smoker (+17.60)

2.) Casual Smoker (+14.04)

3.) Regular Smoker (+10.39)

Most Desirable Education

1.) Bachelor's Degree (+29.92)

2.) Master's Degree (+$27.85)

3.) Doctorate Degree (+$26.36)

4.) Associate's Degree (+$23.42)

5.) High-School Diploma (+$22.17)

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