Miami Woman to Star in iPhone Reality Series

Hold the phone! No, seriously. Don't chuck your smart phone into Biscayne Bay just yet. It may be dropping your calls, but there's a new app in development that we think you might want to check out. Real Weather Girls, set to launch in mid-to-late September, is the first to offer live daily programming content. In other words, reality TV is coming to your iPhone. Depending on your tastes, that's either a warning or a tease.

Each real weather girl will give users twice-daily updates on, well, the weather. But in

addition to warning viewers about downpours and twisters, the girls are

supposed to be interesting (a trait listed in ALL CAPS on the show's

recent casting call on www.realitywanted.com). The girls (who might indeed be full-grown women) will also document their own daily dramas and dilemmas, and viewers can weigh in on what they should do next. Think of it like one of Choose Your Own Adventure books, but you're screwing with the life of a real person, one who occasionally tells you if it's going to rain.

Read on to find out who Miami's real weather girl will be.

Showtime already took the idea of following around lesbians with The Real L Word,

so Real Weather Girls will follow 12 city girls of undisclosed sexuality. Carolina Granado was chosen to represent Miami and as stated in an email

from the Real Weather Girls publicist, she's "Latin and lives with her

parents." We think she'll need more issues than that to keep our

interest, but if she throws a hurricane party, we're there!

-- Nikki Novo

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.