Miami Street Photography Festival Now Seeking Submissions

If you're into snapping shots of the random, chaotic craziness that is Miami on any given day, there's a new outlet for your talent. (No, it has nothing to do with Instagram.)

The Miami Street Photography Festival is looking for candid shots of city life, and winners could win a shiny new camera, a bag, and gallery space during Art Basel.

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"The festival is an international platform showcasing the best of contemporary street photography. Street photography is about capturing un-posed, candid scenes of people during everyday life. It's about finding the unusual in ordinary situations," says festival founder Juan Jose Reyes. "Street, in street photography, refers to public places and could be a busy street, a park, a subway car, beach boardwalk etc."

No fancy credentials or lengthy resume required. Anyone is welcome.

"All photographs within the street photography genre are considered, either color or black and white. Be creative and you may be selected as a finalist. All finalists will be part of the exhibition during the Art Basel at our location in Wynwood."

And if you were wondering, the winners will be chosen by a panel of internationally accomplished members of the street photography collectives In-Public, Strata, and Calle 35.

The festival runs from December 5th through 8th of this year (during Basel, natch) at Trendy Studio and includes exhibits, portfolio reviews by Miami photographer Maggie Steber and free lectures by photographers Alex Webb, Bruce Gilden, Costa Manos and Rebecca Norris-Webb.

First place will score a brand new Leica X2 camera, perfect for street photography, says Reyes. And all three winners will get luxury camera bags from Ona and a free subscription to ViewBook where they can showcase their portfolios.

So go scour your Flickr account and enter already. Submission deadline is October 15, 2013. Click here to enter.

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