Miami Spice Bikini Basketball Tryouts Rescheduled, Sexy Hoops No Longer in Jeopardy

It sounded too good to be true: South Florida hottest women, clad only in sports bras and short-shorts, playing the game that gave our city a championship title this year. When Bikini Basketball's Miami Spice franchise announced tryouts last month, fans of sports, skin, and supportive yet sexy workout gear got a little, um, excited.

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Then for a moment, it seemed like it was too good to be true: Team tryouts at the initial venue, Miami Edison Senior High School, were canceled when school officials took issue with the risque nature of the event.

But sexy hoops aficionados can rejoice once again: The tryouts are back on.

"We got an approval from someone at the school," said A.J. McArthur, Miami Spice owner and president of the Bikini Basketball league, "but that person ended up not being the person who could make the final decision. It worked out, because now we're in a bigger venue, a place that can actually handle it, and not have to deal with those other issues."

The new venue is the indoor basketball gym at Elizabeth Virrick Park. Though the first tryout cancellation was a short-term setback, the news helped spread the word about the new league; McArthur says he expects "a lot more people trying out" than would likely have shown up at the Edison High tryouts.

Another silver lining: The tryouts will double as a donation point for breast cancer charities. And that's not just an effort to protect team members' most valuable assets, McArthur says. "We're very big on giving back to the community and supporting positive causes. In November we'll focus on feeding the homeless, and in December we'll have a toy drive or go to a shelter."

The new tryouts will take place Saturday, October 13, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Elizabeth Virrick Park. Would-be sexy ballers should wear a sports bra and shorts. Follow Miami Spice on Facebook and Twitter.

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