Miami Shores Named One of Best LGBT Retirement Cities Despite Recent Anti-Gay Vote

The Huffington Post has named Miami Shores one of the best places in the nation for LGBT people to retire.

Ordinarily, that wouldn't be such a shock. But the distinction came the same day New Times reported that the village council opposed a symbolic resolution supporting gay marriage equality.

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The formula for HuffPo's distinction was created by the website and reported by that site's founder, Moira McGarvey. The ranking took into account weather, tax climate, and cost of living in addition to the number of LGBT people in the area.

Roughly 4.3 percent of Miami Shores' households are same-sex, which is pretty high. The 2010 census revealed that about 1 percent of all households are same-sex nationwide.

"These small cities may just have the charm you are looking for in retirement-friendly states," McGarvey states, "with surprising numbers of same-sex households. It would appear that these are therefore gay-friendly towns."

But that's not what many people in the Shores think after the conservative majority on the council voted down a resolution proposed by openly gay Vice Mayor Jesse Walters. The resolution called for the council to begin "supporting marriage equality, urging enactment of a law that would provide for marriage equality in the state of Florida, and providing for an effective date."

Shores resident Nancy Sullivan summed up the feeling of gay marriage supporters on the Miami Shores Village People Facebook page: "This was a sad and disappointing night for all LGBT people of Miami Shores. For the first time, I'm ashamed of a community I have called home for 20 years. Shame on the cowards McCoy, Holly, and Davis, who hid behind the veil of calling this a state issue rather than embracing the momentum of how change unfolds -- from the grassroots locals who stand up for their beliefs."

Other South Florida cities on the list included Wilton Manors, which has a high same-sex population of 12.5 percent, and Oakland Park, with 5 percent gay households.

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