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Miami Ranked Tenth Smartest City in America

You've come a long way, Miami.

Just three years ago, you were ranked the ninth dumbest city in the nation. But no more.

This year, Miami made Movoto's list of the ten smartest cities in the country. Yes, we're at the very bottom of that list -- but hell, we still made the list. And for a city like Miami, better known for boobs and bros than for book-smarts, that's really saying something.

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Movoto, which just a few months ago named Miami the eighth nerdiest city in America, put the Big Mango at number ten for its number of libraries per person -- the highest ratio in the country. However, the site is quick to point out, the city ranked tenth because of its low percentage of the population that has a bachelor's degree or higher.

So the city itself is smart, but its people aren't? Whatever, bro.

Other factors that could've bumped Miami up in the ratings: more colleges and universities per capita, like Cincinnati, Ohio (ranked ninth); more museums, like they have in San Francisco (eighth); and more media outlets per person, like they have in Tampa (seventh). (Movoto obviously didn't consider the Bubba the Love Sponge effect while making its list.)

Orlando came in at number two on Movoto's list. So one could argue that, with three cities in the top ten, Florida is the smartest state in the union.

Nobody will, of course. But they could.

See the full rankings at Movoto.

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