Miami Movies Ranked Worst to Best: 40 to 31

Yesterday we ranked Miami movies from 50-41. Cindy Crawford, silent movies, and Paris Hilton were bestowed the honor of being some of the worst movies ever made in the 305. Today we bring you 40-31. The movies on today's list are better than yesterday's, but they're still pretty bad. Enjoy!

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40. The Rosebud Beach Hotel

1984 film about bellhops becoming hookers, or is it hookers becoming bellhops? Not entirely sure.

39. Only the Strong

Dude completes his military service in Brazil, then comes home and opens a can of capoeira-whoop-ass all up on naughty high school kids. At one point an abandoned fire station is transformed into their dojo. Have you ever heard of an abandoned fire station in Miami? Do those even exist? I call bullshit.

38. Radio Inside

The plot of this 1994 movie sounds like Boyhood if the kid in Boyhood just watched dolphins all day and talked about Jesus to anyone that would listen.

37. Last Plane Out

It's about the Nicaraguan civil war. It was filmed in Miami in 1983. Not much else here.

36. The Pest

It's about a Nazi who has killed and collected every ethnicity except a a Latino (John Leguizamo). Now the Nazi needs a Latino to complete his collection. What!?!?!?

35. Ride

Rappers, music videos, hot dancers; we get it already, 1998.

34. Turbo-Charged Prelude

This was a DVD only bonus short-film meant to bridge the gap between Fast and Furious and 2 Fast 2 Furious; huh? Is this a thing people know about? There's an extra-half of a Fast movie floating around out there? R.I.P Paul Walker, though.

33. The Versace Murder


32. Hey DJ

It's about a DJ trying to make it in the Miami club scene, but they never cover his studies at Miami-Dade Community College.

31. HazMat

Just another 2013 horror movie you didn't see.

Join us for our next installment tomorrow.

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