Miami Movies Ranked Worst to Best: 30 to 21

Yesterday we brought you 40-31 which included Brazilian martial arts, Nazis, and part of the Fast and Furious franchise. Today it gets slightly better.

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30. Ride Along 2

#30 sounds about right for a movie seven people needed a sequel to.

29. Entourage

Vince doesn't get the part, then he gets the part. Probably.

28. Switching Channels

This 1988 comedy starred Burt Reynolds, Christopher Reeve, and Kathleen Turner. Surprisingly, it did quite well at the box office.

27. Moon Over Miami

Film from 1941, pretty famous title that probably has you thinking about eggs right now.

26. The Notorious Bettie Page

2005 film based on the life story of Bettie Page, a famous 50's pinup and bondage model that many point to as the pioneer for all things sexual; thanks, Bettie.

25. Transporter 2

Jason Statham doing Jason Statham things, like shooting guns and head-butting people.

24. Miami Vice

The film stars Jamie Foxx as Tubbs and Colin Farrell as Crockett, and made $160+ million at the box office. Based upon that - and that alone - it gets a couple of points.

23. Pain & Gain

Not a good movie but lots of Miami scenery and The Rock is in it. But let's be honest, it didn't have much to top so far.

22. There's Something About Mary

Everyone has seen this movie, so just because of that it deserves a higher ranking than this -- but them's the breaks. This movie basically made Cameron Diaz famous, and she has been living on mediocre ever since. This is one of those movies you can always see on lesser cable networks on Saturday morning...hungover.

21. Deep Throat

One of the first pornographic films to feature a plot, Deep Throat is probably the reason you have to fast forward your porn to get to the good stuff. I've heard people do this.

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