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Miami Heat Muralist Serge Toussaint Just Wants to Meet LeBron

Well, last night didn't go so hot. The Miami Heat lost game five of the NBA Finals to a high powered San Antonio Spurs team. We'll spare you from re-living the horror, because it's not all bad news.

The fact remains that the Heat mean a great deal to the local community, and so many people want to share in the love of what they have accomplished in the past four years.

Serge Toussaint is one of those people. A renowned street artist and painter, Toussaint might be best known for his full team mural on the wall surrounding the Pyke Brothers & Son body shop located at 35 NE 29th Street., across from Morgan's restaurant. He says his dream is to meet the players he's immortalized on the wall. And, well, what else are the Heat doing these days?

Born in Haiti, Toussaint moved to Queens, New York when he was 11 and got involved in painting. In 1994, he moved to Miami to pursue his craft year round.

"That's what I really wanted to do with my life, paint and do murals," Toussaint said in an interview in front of his newest Heat inspired mural, located at BJ Country Meat Market on NW Seventh Avenue and 65th Street.

Fast-forward to today, and Toussaint is one of the best street artists that we have.

Over time, Toussaint has grown to love the hometown basketball team and all they represent, like so many of us have.

"But what I really want is to meet the players," Toussaint said. "Of all this that I've done, I've never met one player. That's the thing that hurts me the most about the Miami Heat mural- not being able to shake hands [with the players]."

So what do you say, Heat players? We already know you have your schedule cleared through at least Tuesday. Why not pack D-Wade, Boshasaurus, and Birdman onto the team bus and take a trip down to Wynwood to meet with Serge? The guy would surely love it. In fact he already knows what he would say if he could meet the king.

"Hey LeBron man, it's Serge, the guy who painted your picture," Toussaint said.

By the way, guys, it's pretty easy to get in touch with Toussaint. He left his cell phone number painted on the wall on 29th Street. Just saying.

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