Miami Heat Dominates Dallas Mavericks in Stupid T-Shirts

Maybe Cultist was partially responsible for the jinx of all jinxes or our own self inflicted sports hex when we revealed a suggested parade route for our hometown Miami Heat, but can you blame us (don't answer that!). Truth is we still have this series in the bag and all the country will see tonight (and yes, that's another jinx). One thing that might have thrown us off in Game 4 was the scary amount of stupid t-shirts at Dallas' American Airlines Center . After all, having to look at Dirk's goofy mug (look right) all night obviously took a toll on LeBron James.

But if you worried about a repeat performance relax. We're countering stupid basketball t-shirts with our own stupid basketball t-shirts. And can we just say, ours are stupider. Sure, Mavs players won't be able to see them all the way in Dallas, but if enough Heat fans wear them we're sure to tip the karmic balance.   Make the jump to find out where to get some occassionally funny, often silly, rarely clever, and always overpriced tees.

1.Los Heat

There are several great things about these shirts and the bare bones

website. There are only two options but they represent the best (worst) of Miami Spanglish.

Pepe Billete would be proud.

2.Heat website

The Heat and Miami New Times are not exactly media partners, but we'd be

remiss if we didn't at least mention the team's official website as a

viable option to get t-shirts. Still, we criticized Jason Terry for getting the

Larry O'Brien trophy tatted on his arm, so we'll have to note the

LeBron heat shirt with the trophy as well. We have no way of knowing

this for sure, but we are fairly certain not one of these was sold after

Tuesday's LeTurd!

3. Don't Hate.

The Don't Hate t-shirts might be the most popular in the Magic City. The owner of the site managed to use the hate against the haters, or said another way, they've gotten love out of hate. Check these two dudes out. Do they look worried about tonight's game? Also, you can get one in pink for your lady, who's probably hating you for focusing exclusively on basketball for the past week.

4. Sorry Cleveland!
Truthfully, we felt bad about how things went down for Cleveland Cavalier fans during the whole "Decision" thing. And we were going to offer up this t-shirt as a sort of olive branch. But then Cavalier fans came up with the whole "Cavs for Mavs" movement and so wer'e glad this shirt has been discontinued on Ebay.

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