Miami Gardens Nail Artist LaToya Parker on Oxygen's Nail'd It: "Miami Likes the Bling"

Last night, Oxygen network brought some new life to our fingertips with the premiere of Nail'd It. Yup, you guessed it, a reality show competition that has nail artists across the country competing for a grand prize of $100,000 and to be on the cover of Nail It! magazine.

If you wanna know how hot mani-inspiration is, just watch stars "walk" the red carpet with their fingers on E!'s mani-cam at every major award show. And nail polish is one of the fastest growing cosmetic products in the industry, leading us to enjoy hearing new terms like "Quick Dry Challenge" and "brushes down" last night.

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Miami was well represented in the pilot episode with LaToya Parker who is a double threat, doing hair and nails at Creative Stylez Hair Studio in Miami Gardens. Although, it is her well followed Instagram account @NailAddict305 that got the attention of the network and has all of her latest creations and contact info.

We spoke to this Miami native just before the premiere.

New Times: How did you get into nails?

LaToya Parker: I've always had a deep love for nail art. I remember visiting my grandmother in St. Louis and she wore her nails long. She had this drawer with a million nail polishes and I loved playing with them.

What do you think your nails say about you? Is the mani and pedi a window to the soul?

For me, I can tell if you are someone that keeps yourself up. Colors you choose do show more of your personality.

What is your biggest mani-inspiration?

When I talk to a client for the first time. I ask them a lot about themselves and I think I'm good at reading people well. I normally know what kind of design and go off them and their personality. I love art, period, so I can inspiration from everywhere.

Why do you think nail polish is such a fast growing cosmetic?

It is evolving so much, such a great accessory. It is on the runway and nail art has become so popular.

What trend do you see in Miami? Weirdest request?

Stone art, Miami likes the bling. I like doing treasure nails. One client wanted all of her nails treasure nails, stones on all ten nails is a lot. But, OK, I did it.

You do hair and nails. Do you have a preference?

I have an equal love of hair and nails. I think nails let me be a bit more creative, so maybe I love nails an inch more.

Last night, LaToya hosted a viewing party at a Little Haiti restaurant called, get ready, Fingalicking.

On the show the two other nail artist contestants knew each other and were frenemies. For the "Quick Dry Challenge," they had bloggers come in with statement pieces. She got a writer with a bold necklace and proceeded to do some of her classic bling. It wasn't the winner.

Later, to quote a fellow contestant, "LaToya shot herself in the duck feet." A competitor was famous for flared out duck-feet nails and when the challenge came do a competitor's signature style, LaToya kept saying she didn't want to do this unsexy style. Natch, that's what she got stuck with.

The cocky Classic Mully of San Francisco chose to improve on LaToya's style and was crowned the winner for this week, which includes a $10,000 prize, and will come back for the finale to compete for the grand prize.

While LaToya may be out, her nail masterpieces are at your fingertips. Just contact her through Instagram at @nailartaddict305.

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