Miami Free Times: Rocky, God's Lunatics, Louvre Fashion, John Cage, Jill Zarin

When Douglas Coupland coined the term Brazilification to describe the ever-widening gap between the rich and poor, we're pretty sure he didn't have Miami in mind. (Has that Canadian author ever visited the 305?) But we'd wager it's the perfect term to describe our fine city. Donde esta the party for the middle class? If the only bottle service you enjoy is when your mom hands you the whiskey for your own liquor cabinet, then read on, brothers and sisters. Listed below are cultural events without $50 cover charges, champagne rooms, or gilded urinals.

Monday: Rocky screens for free at Gulfstream Park. Nuff said.

Tuesday: Julia Sweeney prefers the term naturalists to atheists as it's impossible to be against something you don't think exists. Get pissed about how religion ruins everything this Tuesday, when author Michael Largo discusses his God's Lunatics: Lost Souls, False Prophets, Martyred Saints, Murderous Cults, Demonic Nuns, and Other Victims of Man's Eternal Search for the Divine at Books & Books.

Wednesday: It' nice to know that Miami has spawned more than B-list pop and movie stars (with the exception of Catherine Keener).

Pamela Golbin, the chief curator of Fashion and Textiles at the Louvre,

was raised here too. She's appearing at the Wolfosnian on Wednesday.

OK technically, it's only free for museum members. But that's some of

you, right?

Thursday: Modern dancer choreographer Ana Mendez performs at this week's MAM Afterhours program, with moves inspired by a John Cage

composition. (See below.) Meet artists Kevin Arrow and Manny Prieres, hear a Talking

Head Transmitters segment on modern dance, and learn about Lara Stein

Pardo's project, Mapping Miami. File this one under "almost free." It

costs $5 for MAM members.

Friday: One of the Real Housewives of New York, Jill Zarin, has written a book on guilt trips, Secrets of a Jewish Mother. Buy a book, and hear her speak on Friday at Books & Books.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.