Miami Free Times: Dietrich, Fossils, and Tutu

Monday:  We can't believe it either. The posh W Hotel is hosting a free screening of Blonde Venus, staring Marlene Dietrich, as part of their "Dive-In" series with the Miami Beach Cinematheque.

Tuesday: We think you need to chill out, you of the 6th most miserable city in America. Clear your mind of Miami's embarrassing foreclosure and violent crime stats by doing some oceanside chatarungas at 3rd Street in South Beach. True, there's a $5 donation for this yoga non-profit, so file it under "practically-free."

Wednesday:  Hump day means you only have a few days left to go see "X-Ray" at Lincoln Road's Art Center. Three reasons to go: Electro-acoustic compositions. Video loops. Specimens.

Thursday: Adults still need recess. For those who prefer knocking back a few cocktails instead of a rousing game of kickball, head to Twelve Lounge for Recess, brought to you by the kids of Poplife.

Friday: Hear the sage words of Desmond Tutu, human rights activist and Nobel Prize winner, in Hollywood. Or else, throw down a blanket and grab some Carlo Rossi and take in Jazz at MOCA. Both free.

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Amanda McCorquodale