Miami Free Times: Coral Morphologic, Alex Kava, and Drinking and Drawing

Did everyone watch Mad Men last night? How was it? No, don't tell us! We haven't seen it yet. We were too busy looking for free events to tell you about. Here's five for this week.

Monday: If you have too much neurosis to ever get your scuba diving certification, there's still a way to admire the underwater beauty just off our shores. See the "Flower Animal" exhibit at the Biscayne Nature Center, where the duo from Coral Morpholgic presents photos and videos of the naturally fluorescent creatures, zoanthids. The gallery is free, but there's a small fee at the entrance to Crandon Park.

Tuesday: The exhibit closes at the end of the month, so catch Pablo Cano's puppets made from found objects at the Kelley Roy Gallery in Wynwood this Tuesday. No admission fee!

Wednesday: At Books & Books, hear Alex Cava read from her

psychological thriller, Damaged, where a hurricane, insomnia, and the

FBI come together in a perfect, terrifying storm.

Thursday: Get out those pens and down those drinks, it's time for the

next installment of Drinking and Drawing. This Thursday, street artist

Krave is the honored guest at this live animation party at News Lounge.

Friday: The guy thought to have invented turntablism, Christian

Marclay, also makes art. See his art made form audio cassettes at the

North Dade Regional Library - our new-found space for cool art. They

also have street artist Swoon as well as Beatriz Monteavaro's ink

sketch Amazon River 1954.

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