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We hereby declare that being strapped for cash is no longer a valid excuse for staying home and missing out on all your city's cultural offerings. You can see a movie, catch an art show or two, or perhaps even have a chance to rub hair poofs with the cast of Jersey Shore for exactly zero dollars. Here's a free event for every day of the week.

Monday: Enter Angelica Belin's world of painted lady mannequins at her exhibit "Nikangel's Plastic Temptation" at the Wallflower Gallery.

Tuesday: Try out the Viva La Revolución party at Louis bar inside the Gansevoort South in Miami Beach, where Snookie was recently spotted sans The Situation.

Wednesday: Revel in the colorful playfulness of Charley Friedman's "Magical Powers" show at Gallery Diet.

Gregg Araki's Nowhere will be screened at Sweat Records. (Clip here. Described as "90210 on acid," the cult film also has a killer soundtrack, complete with Radiohead, James, Chuck D and Suede.)

Friday: Catch the first day of the Hare Krishna Festival in Coconut Grove and remember when the Grove used to be the stomping ground for bohemians and not a vomitorium for college freshman.

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Amanda McCorquodale