Miami Finally Gets an Indie Craft Market with Brickell Bazaar

Nightingales in large cities have learned to belt out 95-decibel songs (i.e., as loud as a chain saw) in order to make themselves heard over everyday clamor. And it'll take a similar effort for this Saturday's Brickell Bazaar to get noticed in blingy, bass-thumping Miami. Presented by DJ Oski, Queen of the Scene, and Amanda Weiner of Indie Craft Bazaar, this handmade goods market is a rare sight in the 305.

"Broward and Palm Beach definitely have their share of awesome handmade events, so it's certainly time Miami gets a dose of it," Weiner says. "There's a huge demand for handmade and local goods within Miami, but given its size, general sense of transience, something as tied to the local community and small businesses as handmade can easily get lost within the hustle and bustle."

It's been amazing to see Miami embrace local artists and filmmakers, but

we've always thought it odd that our indie artisans are almost

completely ignored. And over the past few years, we've had to swallow our

305 pride and cross county lines to indie craft fairs in Delray and Fort


Yes, there's always finding Miami-based work on Etsy or

online at the Sweat Shop, and during Art Basel, there's even the NDS

Market. But there's something about an outdoor fair, where makers and

crafters literally stand behind their work. Not only are the wares completely

unique, but it's satisfying to know that your hard-earned greenbacks are

going into the pocket of a hard-working individual and not the greedy scumbag CEOs of

Target or ForeverXXI.

And as it turns out, we're not alone. Weiner says, "I've had tons of

shoppers and local crafters ask for a Miami show, so we're excited to

put together an event that will fill the indie craft gap." So this

Saturday from 2 to 8 p.m., snag handmade, upcycled, and indie swag at

the Brickell Bazaar at Miami's oldest bar, Tobacco Road.

Look for modern embroidery samples from Jenna Dickes (I Fucking Love

Cats) and G.A.G. On This Threads tees with Miami swagger (Estupida! and

Que Pasa Mufasa?). Other highlights of the 40+ vendors include Peace Love and Cupcakes, HeartBeatz Accessories, Tortuga Tile Works, Funk You, and Just Because By LeeLee.

Stop by The BeerSoap Company's booth for sudsy bars made

from your favorite brew, and get a

tarot card reading and a henna tattoo. Two stages will host local bands, including The F.E.A.R. Ensemble, Vera La Dane, Vander Land, Scott Becker, In As Much, Agent Mercy, Ekkoz, Neolythyc, DJ Oski, Atomik, and Detonate Zero.

Brickell Bazaar sets up shop at Tobacco Road (626 S. Miami Ave., Miami) this Saturday from 2 to 8 p.m. Admission cost $5. Free swag bags will be given to the first 100 guests, so arrive early. Visit and or email [email protected].

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Amanda McCorquodale