Miami Fashion Brand Beardsace Outfits Kent Jones, DJ Khaled, and Beard-Loving Bros

It takes a particular brand of dude to pull off a luxurious, well-groomed, badass beard. It's not a look everyone can wear, especially in the South Florida heat. For those who can rock a glorious beard, it's a secret handshake. A good beard signifies you've seen some shit in your day but came through it for the better. It's a badge of honor, really. 

The people at Beardsace get this, and they are celebrating beards one piece of attention-grabbing apparel at a time. 

Yes, the name rhymes with the world-famous Italian luxury fashion company Versace. It's something the Beardsace team came up with in the most bro-with-an-awesome-beard way. 

"One night in the studio, someone was saying something to the effect of 'Versace is cool, like beards.' So that's how it all started," Beardsace creative director "Cool" Valenzano tells New Times

You can't really argue with that logic.

What's more important is how the brand has become a hit in the local community. Beardsace is running a collaboration campaign with DJ Khaled titled "We the Best," after the Miami personality's famous catch phrase. The company also has projects coming up with Miami-based record producers and songwriters Cool & Dre, Louisiana rapper Curren$y, and "Don't Mind" artist Kent Jones. 
Collaborations such as those — and the media exposure when rappers wear the brand in public — is what put the Beardsace brand on the map. And the team plans to continue capitalizing on its celebrity fans for continued growth, all from what began as a simple idea posted on social media.

"Beardsace really came about due to us playing around with some of the beard guys in the music industry," Beardsace cofounder and director of operations Ted Kay says. "It was pretty much an Instagram concept and a few shirts being made for the team while on tour and around town until the the Game was interviewed on TMZ wearing a Beardsace shirt."

The Beardsace brand can best be described as Sons of Anarchy meets the Fourth of July meets Fashion Week. The brand apparel is superidentifiable and unique. The products are meant to catch your eye and, while you're looking, ask you what you're looking at. Beardsace isn't about conforming, Kay says; it's about going against the grain. 

"If you're tired of wearing what society has told you is acceptable for the masses, we got you covered," Kay says. "We are [for] that countercultured, degenerate-art-loving, tattooed-wearing gentleman who isn't afraid to open the door for a lady and say, 'Yes, ma'am.' Also, we're not afraid to take you outside to settle our differences if needed."
It's clear the Beardsace people take their beards seriously. So what did they think about the Miami Marlins forcing the newly acquired Andrew Cashner to shave his beard

"It's absolutely disrespectful," Valenzano says. "The beard is known to be a confidence-booster, and they totally stripped away his manhood."

Renowned hip-hop recording artist Kent Jones will present Beardsace Collection Three: The Kent Jones Collaboration, Saturday, August 27, at Cool J’s in Miami. Kent Jones’ debut collection of 13 shirts will be released at two Cool J’s locations — 1 to 2 p.m. at Cool J’s, 2335 NW 20th St., Miami; and 3 to 4 p.m. at Cool J’s, 811 NW 183rd St., Miami Gardens.
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