Miami Family to Appear on Popular Race-Baiting TV Program

Is it just us, or does Family Feud invariably pit a white family against a black family? It's like the show's producers are daring you to not root for your own race, like the O.J. Simpson trial all over again. It could be argued that race relations in America will not take the next step until Family Feud is off the air - which will never happen because there will always be some broke, obscure former sitcom bit character willing to host the show. (The word in Tinseltown is that once the Boss from Seinfeld kicks the bucket, the fat cop-dad from Family Matters is eager for the gig.)

This Thanksgiving, Feud devotees will get a break from the ol' whites vs. blacks race war when a Miami family, shockingly surnamed Perez, will try its luck at naming what the rest of America thinks is in the bathroom cabinet besides toothpaste.

No word yet on the identity of the opposing family. There's always a chance this could be a Latino vs. Asian episode -- a precious event that occurs at roughly the same frequency as a Halley's comet sighting. 

This Feud might just be seminal enough to deserve a live blog session -- and around that time Thanksgiving afternoon, Riptide will be looking for any excuse to get out of mashing potatoes and husking corn.

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Gus Garcia-Roberts