Miami Explodes with New Graffiti Just in Time for Basel Crowds

The streets are breathing aerosol. Wake up and smell the fumes. We went around the city this morning snapping pics of some of the more eye catching new work going up for Art Fair Week. There's plenty of oven-fresh concepts, graffiti, and street promotion in Wynwood and Downtown. You won't see any Hello Kitty in the following pics, and if that Sanrio wall gets toyed like a fat sack of donkey knobs, we won't shed a tear either. Here's the latest in real street art.

Black Bar is now green bar. Smoke em' if you got em'.

Another Charlie Brown downtown.
14th street and Miami Ave.

Down with ads, up with art, electric box detail, 14th street and Miami Ave.

Art Bastard

Miami Ave around 22nd

Tags are cool, but bombing galleries is lame.
Sketch on a wall, small print says "reserved for CP1," expect some cool shit to go there.

Awesome utility pole splatter swirls on 23rd street btwn Miami and NW 2nd.

Art Whino putting in work.

Dumpster art on NW 2nd Ave.

YNOT tribute wall on NW 2nd Ave. utility pole street flier.

Miami's own RMan coffee cup with Ribs 2 Go business card glued under it.

Bardot street flier.

95 Wall in progress.

95 Wall Sneek placeholder.

95 Wall Sab, Web, Dash placeholders

95 Wall Taboo placeholder

Scales of justice, NW 2nd ave at 29th street

Aiko on NW 2nd Ave

Tatiana Suarez in progress on NW 2nd Ave

Found sketch, top of electric box, 14th street

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