Miami Designer Ozcar Garcia-Lopez Opens Up About Winning Under the Gunn

Who ever said, "Nice guys finish last" is an asshole. Just ask couture designer and season one winner of Lifetime's Under the Gunn, Ozcar Garcia Lopez.

The Coral Gables native, who admittedly says that he can't stand dramatic confrontations, gained praises from mega-star judges, Heidi Klum, and Neil Patrick Harris, for his five-piece evening line, right before he swooped up the gold on the Project Runway spin-off season finale.

One month later, the phone hasn't stopped ringing.

"People haven't stopped calling," the Cuban-born 40-year old says of the custom orders that spill in by the dozens. "Right now, I'm working on a gown for one of my clients to wear to the Met Gala." Of course, we here at Cultist just had to snag a spot on his tufted sofa to learn more about the couture champ and his busy life post Lifetime.

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Nycole Sariol