Miami Book Fair International Preview: That Guy From the Mac Commercials Can Write!

Minor television personality and big-time genius John Hodgeman is an expert on things that don't matter: Presidents who have hooks for hands. The perfect name for a Hobo. Monsters hunters.

He'll be in town for the Miami Book Fair International (November 8-15)and is one of those authors who could fly under the radar. (But shouldn't.) His new book, More Information Than You Require, reads like a gift sent from the God of attention deficit disorders. It's a trivia book full of fake facts, footnotes, and lists.  Think McSweeny's deadpan humor. "It's grab-bag nature wasn't a choice; more of a reflection of my adult brain," Hodgman explains, "And my hatred of long paragraphs or even complete sentences."

Did we mention that it's hilarious? Or that Hodgman is somehow able to make the subject, "Speaking of Parasites" funny? Perhaps best known as "That guy in the Mac commercials," Hodgeman began as a freelance writer in New York City. He then became a literary agent and humor editor for New York Times Magazine. Eventually, he says, he was able "to fool someone into thinking a collection of my insane obsessions might be worth publishing."

His first book The Areas of My Expertise was written, in part, on the

subway and while hanging out in Central Park. It is a collection

of made-up facts.

After plugging the book on The Daily Show, producers liked Hodgman's

comedic style enough to invite him back for a regular gig.  He's since

been featured as the "Resident Expert" on the show over 30 times. Those

TV appearances have caused people to "smile at me more on the street,"

he says. But, alas, less folks are privy to his literary work. One

thing he wants us know about his latest: "That it exists!"

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.