Miami Beach Pride Kicks Off Tomorrow with Miss Richfield 1981

When we say Miss Richfield 1981 has balls -- we mean it two ways. For starters, if she uttered her off-color comedy off-stage, she'd likely get run out of town. Secondly, she's also a dude dressed like a lady.

You'll recognize the aging Minnesota pageant queen by her giant black bouffant, white eyeglasses, and '60s geometric print dresses. Imagine a less-poised Dame Edna. And it's her shtick to behave like your bigoted, Church-crazed aunt who makes you embarrassed to invite friends to family dinners -- lest she call someone a "Chinaman" or a "no-good whore." Her Colony Theatre performance tomorrow night launches Miami Beach's Pride Weekend.

Miss Richfield's bit is the most offensive to come out of Minnesota since Michele Bachmann and it will definitely ruffle some feathers. Consider her personal mantra:

"It's important to be nice, but it's nicer to be important." In fact, this Twin Cities writer walked out on her It's A Coo Coo

Christmas show two years ago after her Kwanza and Hanukah bits got a

little too uncomfortable.

But by all others accounts, she's an equal

opportunity offender. Plus, most audiences find all that haterade easier to swallow when it

drops from the heavily lip-sticked mouth of a dramatic drag queen. Her 8

p.m. performance tomorrow at the Colony Theatre (1040 Lincoln Rd., Miami

Beach) kicks off Miami Beach Gay Pride Weekend. Tickets cost $25 to $35.

Visit miamibeachgaypride.com.

Later that night, the Mova block party takes over Michigan Avenue and Lincoln Road until 2 a.m.. The free event includes performances by "Boots & Boys" -- half-naked male go-go dancers flown in from the City of Angels.

Saturday's the big day with the Pride parade taking off down Ocean Drive at noon with Grand Marshal Andy Cohen. (Read our interview with Cohen here).

When you're tired of hanging out on the street, check out the nearby soirées at Palace (1200 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach) for brunch, a latin music stage, and a superhero block party. On Sunday, head to Lords (1120 Collins Ave., Miami Beach) for live music, free jello shots, and general fabulousness.

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