Wear ur suncreenEXPAND
Wear ur suncreen
Photo by Karli Evans

Miami Beach and Mount Sinai Set Up Free Sunscreen Dispensers

Apparently leather skin is no longer hip in South Florida. After all these year of gloating to our northern neighbors about how the sun always shines here in Miami, science has caught up with us to inform us that melanoma is, in fact, a real thing and actually pretty shitty.

So, the City of Miami Beach and Mount Sinai Medical Center teamed up to place 50 free sunscreen dispensers around town—near beach entrances and lifeguard stands, in public parks, and more—in time for the city’s centennial.

This isn’t just any bare-bottom Coppertone, though. We’re Miami, after all, and we’re all about the exclusive and self-promotional.

The 50 dispensers are filled with a special brand of Miami Beach-branded sunscreen crafted by Destination Brands International called Triple Action Sea Kelp Sunscreen Lotion. The special SPF 30 sauce is water resistant for 80 minutes and is part of a complete line of Miami Beach Suncare products launched in 2014. The line also includes additions like After Sun Moisturizing Gel, SoBe Nights Instant Color Sunless Bronzer Lotion, and more. Proceeds from the American-made products go back to support various beach cleanup programs.

According to the brand’s website, “the essence of Miami Beach is contained—in a bottle—for your pleasure.”

Because even with out newfound conscientiousness about skincare and safety, Miami Beach is still all about product-placement and pleasure.

“I have a bottle of Miami Beach SPF 30 on my desk,” Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine told Forbes recently. “It’s a great product. I’ve used it.”

The mayor also went onto laud our community’s efforts toward skin cancer awareness and protection through this initiative. But Mr. Mayor knows his city and what matters most to them. “People love the brand. Miami Beach is cool, hip and cutting edge,” he said. “So if people can rub it all over their bodies, they’re happy to.”

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