Miami-Based Sitcom I Live With Models Welcomes Poppy Delevingne on Latest Episode

Bet you didn’t think an entire show could be based on a Friends joke.

Comedy Central UK’s I Live With Models centers on Tommy, a schlubby barista thrown into the Miami fashion industry when his perfect hands are discovered. His new hand-modeling career comes with a new living situation: sharing a huge beachside apartment with three 20-something models.

Is it annoying that this sitcom is yet another tired portrayal of hot people living large in Miami? Yes, but at least the network admits it.

“It’s not often we get the chance to combine two of the world’s favourite things into one show — beautiful people and laughter,” executive producer Ash Atalla said in a release. “We hope I Live With Models will bring a sexy smile to viewers for years to come.”

The show stars relatively unknown actors David Hoffman (Bridesmaids, New Girl), Brianne Howey (Twisted, Horrible Bosses 2), Rebecca Reid (New Girl, Children’s Hospital), Joseph May (Episodes), and Eric Aragon (Desperate Housewives), but it welcomed celebrity Poppy Delevingne on its latest episode this week. The younger sister of model/actress Cara made her TV debut playing the girlfriend of model Enrique (Aragon).

We reached out to Comedy Central UK reps to see where we can catch full episodes — and see how they’re repping the 305 overseas — but haven’t received a response. Perhaps it’s best that stateside TV-watchers don’t have much chance of catching the show. Since its premiere in February, the sitcom has earned a rating of 2.6 percent on IMDB

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.