Miami Artists to Barf-Bomb Britto's Work in Protest of Bad Art

The fervor against the cute, glossy, and substance-devoid work of Miami pop artist Romero Britto has officially reached a fever pitch.

On the heels of New Times staffer Natalie O'Neill's feature on Britto, which explained how somebody with the apparent talent of a leaf of Burger King lettuce lucked into an art empire worth $12 million a year, we've been tipped off that a group of Miami artists are planning an "anti-Britto performance piece" to display just how sick they are of this guy's ubiquity.

The artists plan on chugging whole milk and then barfing en masse on one of Britto's most visible pieces. The milk will be dyed with the primary colors of the pop artist's pallette.

It's nothing personal against Britto himself, one of the protest's organizers tells Riptide. It's really a howl against the municipal planners, developers, and collectors who ignore Miami's truly original artists: "We have a lot of great, diverse artwork here, but all people see is Britto."

The dairy hurl-a-thon was actually supposed to go down last night, but a couple of the artists involved came down with flu-like symptoms and the event's videographer, um, had to work. But it will happen soon, Riptide has been assured, and we'll be there to document it -- although probably not participating because we're a bit iffy on the legality of the whole thing.

We're not revealing the queasy protester's identities or the targeted artwork until after the chunks fly, so that nobody receives a cease-and-desist letter adorned with smiling kittens and hearts.

So... what to name the burgeoning movement against Miami's most vapid decorator? ABC-- the Anti-Britto Coalition? AACKK-- Artists Against Cute Kitty Kats? 

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