Miami Art Museum Design Unveiled, Looks Oddly Familiar

​The public got its first real glimpse of what the facade of the Miami Art Museum's new digs will look like yesterday. Nothing about the proposed building designed by the architecture firm of Herzog & de Meuron really screams anything uniquely Miami, but it sure does look like an art museum. In fact, it looks an awful lot like one art museum in-particular.

The CultureGrrl blog points out that the initial picture of the design bears more than a passing resemblance to the Art Institute of Chicago's Modern Wing designed by Renzo Piano that was completed just this June.

The small, single picture unleashed by MAM doesn't give us a definitive view of the plan, but the concrete and glass, integrated landscaping, flat front and overhanging steel-looking roof of the plan makes the MAM building look like something you could buy on the architectural world's version of Canal Street. Luckily, plans for the interior of the gallery are actually quite unique.

But hey, the building shouldn't overshadow the world in the museum anyhow. Right? And it's a huge step up from their current HQ.

The building has a planned compilation date on 2012 and will open in 2013.

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