Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos
Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos
Courtesy of Pamela Cohen's Instagram

Miami Art Community Rallies Around Nick Korniloff as the Founder of Art Miami Continues To Search For Missing Son

As of Wednesday evening, the Coast Guard continue to look for Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos. The two 14-year-old boys went missing during a fishing trip seven days ago. Cohen is the stepson of Nick Korniloff, founder of Art Miami. Since Korniloff and his wife Pamela Cohen— director of marketing for Art Miami — announced that their son was missing, both Miami and the international art communities have rallied around the frantic parents.

The Miami Art Dealers Association urged members to donate to the Perry and Austin Rescue Fund. The GoFundMe account has raised nearly $190,000 that will be used to "fund private aircraft, boat fuel and any other additional resources needed for the immediate recovery of these missing boys."

Since Cohen and Stephanos went missing, the Coast Guard has searched nearly 40,000 square nautical miles. The teens capsized boat was found on Sunday off the coast of Volusia County; debris which the Coast Guard initially thought were clues, turned out to be unrelated to the boys. 

On Wednesday, the Coast Guard reaffirmed their commitment to searching for the boys. “There’s been a lot of rumors that the search has been suspended. I just want to refute that. The search has not been suspended. It is still active and open," Captain Mark Fedor told the Associated Press. 

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