Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim: The Seven Most Anticipated Runway Shows

In Miami, creative-minded party people tend to fall into two camps: Art Baselites, and those who hold out all year long for its chicer cousin, Swim Week. This year marks the 10th year that Mercedes-Benz will hoist its tents at the Raleigh and other major hotels around South Beach to host round-the-clock runway shows of half-naked ladies in the fiercest form of swim and beachwear ever to hit the sands.

And while every brand - vets and up-and-comers alike - on this year's roster sounds peachy to watch, there are certain names in the game we would sell our first-born to see. (Or at least lend him out for a couple days.)

Here are the runway shows during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim 2015 that we can't wait to see.

7. Mara Hoffman

You can spot her suits from a mile away - loud, kaleidoscopic, and always referencing all things tribal. Mara Hoffman is becoming the ethnic Lilly Pulitzer of our time. But aside from forging her legacy as garnering one of the world's most recognizable textile design/patterns, it's her commanding presence on the runway during MBFW SWIM that grabs our attention. Mara, we are not worthy.

6. Acacia

Hawaiians are like the Brazilians of the U.S. -- for some reason, they're just so much cooler than the rest of us. The same goes for their swimsuits; but there's one particular line that out-matches the rest hailing from the Aloha State: Acacia. The brainchild of island girl Naomi Newirth and Cali native Lyndie Irons, the line is jam packed with low-cut Italian bikinis fused with a very Brazilian fit and is 100% seamless. Did we mention that their fabric melts in your hands and not in your mouth - so buttery and oh, so dreamy.

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Nycole Sariol

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