Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, Day Three: The Show That (Almost) Refused The Real Housewives of Miami

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2013: Caffe, Aqua Di Lara, & Mara Hoffman (Photos)
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2013: Xtra Life Lycra & Cia.Maritima (Photos)

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim
Day 3: July 21, 2012
Caffe Swimwear, Aqua di Lara, Mara Hoffman,
Xtra Life Lycra Brand, Cia Maritima
at The Raleigh Hotel
1775 Collins Ave., Miami Beach

Day three proved daunting for many a fashion reporter yesterday; the lines got longer, the heels got higher, and the lack of an air-conditioned press lounge made for sweat-inducing wait-arounds by the pool. By the end of the five-hour day, we realized one thing: Fashion is exhausting.

We popped in and out of several shows yesterday, making bee-lines for the ticketing tent (which now has an M.O. of really long wait times), sinking in sand, and, well, checking out the latest trends in swimwear.

Caffe Swimwear
Standout Looks:
The feather-printed blue fabric dress and cut-out one piece.
We could do without:
The hoop detailing on the swim bottoms -- it's been done so much in swimwear.
Trend Alert:
Sleeked back high ponytails, interestingly cut caftans.The Vibe: St. Tropez meets Sunday shopping.
Cute Factor: The caftans were so long and flowy that a model actually tripped over one. (But don't worry, she saved her footing before becoming fashion roadkill.)

Aqua di Lara
Standout Looks:
The mullet-style green and blue leaved caftans were pretty impressive.

We could do without: The cut of the bikini tops didn't look flattering or at all supportive. Also those rhinestone-encrusted swimsuits looked more made for pageants than the beach.

Trend Alert: Oranges, seafoam greens, metal detailing, plenty of stripes.

The Vibe: Primped with a little edge.

Cute Factor: The cuffs had spikes and studs to add a little oomph to otherwise girly looks.

Mara Hoffman
Okay, we have to admit something: We couldn't get through the doors at Mara Hoffman. The previous shows ran behind schedule, and by the time we picked up our seating assignments (first row!) and arrived at the tent, the fire marshal had announced that the venue was at capacity and no one would be let in -- not even Marysol Patton and Alexia Echevarria, two of Miami's Real Housewives, who were standing in line in front of us. (After a lengthy stint waiting in line with the rest of the commoners, they were eventually admitted, of course.)

The security guards announced that they had given out too many tickets to the show with not enough seats to accommodate them. It was a bitter disappointment, especially since Mara Hoffman was one of the most highly anticipated shows of the week. Someone should've known a little better.

Some fashion bloggers and even "the sister of the designer" (or so she huffed and puffed) couldn't get through the door. Even the standing room was packed like a can of sardines. Thankfully, though this writer couldn't swing it, our tireless photographer managed to squeeze his way in.

Standout looks: The black cut-out two piece and the printed cut-out one piece were faves for us.
Trend Alert:
Plenty of cutout detailing in tops, bottoms, and even necklaces.
We could do without:
The hairstyling for this collection was a little off with the big hair and random black ties wrapped at some of the ends.

The Vibe: Boho cowboy meets Native American trendsetter.

Xtra Life Lycra Brand
Standout Looks: The yellow and purple cut out one piece ... with sleeves. Also slits in swimwear bottoms? Talk about extra subtle sex appeal.
We could do without:
The giant banana leaves as hats and the enormous bubble necklaces.

Trend Alert: Fur with swimwear? Color us confused ... but intrigued.
The Vibe:
Swim model travels to the Antarctic.
Cute Factor:
A screen on the left of the stage kept projecting different natural landscapes based on the pieces: lilypads, snow, the desert.

Cia Maritima
Standout Looks:
The belted half-skirt that attached (and flowed) over the orange and yellow pineapple suit ... wow.
We could do without:
The rainbow colored heels with gold buckles. (Suede isn't very practical for the beach.) Also the teeny tiny animal printed bandeau seemed a little too teeny tiny for common folk -- and nodded a little too much to the Flintstones.

Trend Alert: Sunglasses with the same prints as outfits/swimwear.
The Vibe:
Tropical beach babes ready for a little fun.
Cute Factor:
All of the prints were adorable, and the understated styling made them pop even more.

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