Merce-iful MoCA

Modern dance master Merce Cunningham is back in Miami, kicking off the latest exhibition of his work, “Dancing on the Cutting Edge part 2,” for a two-month run. Cunningham is well-known to dance mavens in Miami, having taken up something of a secondary residence here with the Museum of Contemporary Art. It’s a nice fit: Cunningham often asks well-known artists to help design his productions, and has worked with the likes of Robert Rauschenberg, Bruce Nauman, and Jasper Johns. It’s alright if you don’t know who those guys are; trust us, they’re kind of a big deal. For his recent Merce in Miami dance series at the Carnival Center, Cunningham kept it local with set and costume designs by Miami artist Daniel Arsham. The result of the collaboration was a new, second version of Cunninham’s piece eyeSpace. Arsham has made a name for himself creating wacked-out sculptures of melting buildings and stairways that go nowhere. The The folks at MoCA even describe Arsham’s work with words like “ephemeral” and “surreal,” which in regular English means “really out there.” “Dancing on the Cutting Edge Part 2” documents the collaboration, and opents tonight at the MoCA Goldman Warehouse in the Wynwood Arts District (404 NW 26 St., Miami). And of course, there’s a party! Get your drink on tonight at 7:00. The exhibition will run through June 23.
April 19-June 23
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