Mentalist Guy Bavli Brings Illusions and Funny Accent to Trump Resort Tonight

Know the difference between a magician, an illusionist, and a mentalist? We don't either, but hopefully we'll get a better idea of when we see world renowned mentalist Guy Bavli at the Trump International Beach Resort at 8:30 p.m. tonight.

The Israeli-born entertainer has performed all over the world including at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas or Carnegie Hall in New York. He's also been on NBC's Phenomenon where he freaked out Raven Symone, made Don Francisco blush on Sabado Gigante, and used Girls Next Door's Holly Madison in a bit where he narrowly escaped swallowing some hydrochloric acid. Yeah, the guy's all about doing freaky things, and in Miami, more than most places, we dig that.

Among his past "tricks," Bavli has apparently stopped his heart from

beating. He correctly predicted Israeli election results on television

two weeks before they were announced. He bends spoons and sign posts

with his mind. That's all fine and well, but can he part rush hour

traffic on I-95? Stop the ticker of that bearded madman 90 miles south

of Key West? Predict how many storms Miami will see this hurricane

season? We're just saying. He might be one of the foremost mentalists

(and no, that's not an insult) on the planet, but if he's looking to

impress a Miami crowd he might want to tweak his act.

The Miami audience should feel close to the action during Bavli's Trump

shows as he says the venue is among the most intimate he's ever

performed in. "I usually perform in large theaters and casinos (filled

600 to 2,800 people). This time, it is very intimate, so everyone can

participate and feel a part of the show," Bavli says, adding that the

shows "will be very funny and interactive."

Those who witness he act might leave with more than they bargained for

as Bavli says that depart in a better mental state than when they

arrived. "I will show people that the mind is more capable than they

ever imagined... and at the end of the show people will feel happier,

positive and probably will be able to accomplish some Mind powers themselves."

Check out Bavli in action:

Guy Bavli will perform at the Trump International Beach Resort (18001

Collins Ave., Sunny Isles Beach) tonight at 8:30 p.m. and every Friday

in July. Tickets cost $40 to $80. For more information visit


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