Meet Ten Potential Pooch Life Partners for Valentine's Day

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Two-year-old Lab mix

I'm a survivor who's been through some serious ish. I rolled up to the shelter very sad, suffering from major neck wounds. Luckily, some legit vets put a drain in my neck and got me all healed up. As you can tell, I'm a tough cookie (btw, have I mentioned I love cookies?) and I never, ever complain. But I've been hanging around this joint a little too long (a month), and I'm ready to strut my stuff on the Miami streets with the new love of my life. I enjoy cuddles, more cuddles, and being held by my buddies at Animal Services. Shall we try a first date? Second? Third maybe? Call me! A1588319.


Three-year-old American Bulldog mix

My story is kinda sad. I was used as a breeder dog for my owners, only to have my babies taken away time and time again. When my owners didn't want me anymore, they left me preggers at the shelter. Sadly, my babies didn't make it, but the vet performed surgery and saved my life. Now, I'm looking for a life partner that'll give me lots of affection and attention furever and ever. I'm totally a people-person and am all about the lovin' -- once I get to know you. I'm not a huge fan of other d-o-g-s (call me the jealous type) but I promise I'll be your best girl for life. Please give me a ring, I'm looking for love. A1589279.

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