Meet Ten Potential Pooch Life Partners for Valentine's Day

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Momma Suki

Two-year-old Terrier mix

Check out my baby bump! Don't I make a pretty preggers lady? Normally, dogs like me get spayed at animal services and the puppies are aborted. But I was lucky enough to make it into a foster home where I'll safely give birth to my little bundles of joy. Once my pups pop out, both they and I will be ready for long-term love. As of now, they're a tummyful of little surprises waiting to meet their newfound families. And I'm a sweet, loving soul looking for someone to mother me like I've earned. You can call and ask about me! My number is A1592677.

The "Miami Blend" babies

Four-week-old mixed breeds

Hi future mommies and daddies -- we're Mitch (A1591934), Vanessa (A1591936), Bethanie (A1591937), and Lisa (A1591933). We're an impossibly adorable mix of Miami's best poochie dating pool. We had a bit of a rough start and showed up at the shelter dehydrated, emaciated and unable to walk on our cute little puppy paws. Bethanie (with the white nose) almost died! But we've been nursed and cuddled back to health, and we are so ready to canoodle our way into the hearts of some awesome Miami fams! Bonus points for potential matches with backyards and kiddie playmates. Won't you come and see us? Eskimo kisses all around!

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