Meet Ten Potential Pooch Life Partners for Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day, and instead of spending time with your Plenty of Fish match-of-the-moment (who you'll probably dump via text in another few weeks) -- why not look for some long-term love instead?

Seriously, there's no better relationship than the one you have with your furkids. Unconditional love, people! Try getting that from your significant other. In honor of V-Day, here are ten adorable, adoptable pups in need of homes, and unlike some people you know, they're totally ready to make a commitment.

You can check out some of them today at Mall of the Americas, at Miami Dade Animal Services' Open Your Heart and Your Home event. Noon to four! Puppy kisses! Waggy tails! Just do it! (You can also call MDAS at 305-884-1101 to inquire about any of the pups below.)

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Four-year-old Labrador Retriever mix

I'm a lab mash-up, which means I'm an excellent cross between furry cuteness and adorable attitude -- the best of both worlds. Have you seen my big brown eyes? Soulmate status! I dig belly rubs more than anything. Well, it might be a toss up between those and chicharonnes. I've been locked up since last month, so I'm eager to wiggle my way onto some grassy patches in other parts of town. My digits are A1590168. Call me, maybe?


Two-year-old American Bulldog mix

In addition to being named after a cute swimwear line, I'm pretty adorable on my own. Have you seen my super chic pirate-esque eye patch? I'm one of a kind! I've been at the shelter awhile, and I'm totally ready to meet my special someone. I swear, I'll totally fall for your cheesy pick up lines. I'm the friendliest girl ever, so you can expect lots of PDAs and happy tailwags from the get-go. Feel free to call me. My digits are A1589897.

Momma Suki

Two-year-old Terrier mix

Check out my baby bump! Don't I make a pretty preggers lady? Normally, dogs like me get spayed at animal services and the puppies are aborted. But I was lucky enough to make it into a foster home where I'll safely give birth to my little bundles of joy. Once my pups pop out, both they and I will be ready for long-term love. As of now, they're a tummyful of little surprises waiting to meet their newfound families. And I'm a sweet, loving soul looking for someone to mother me like I've earned. You can call and ask about me! My number is A1592677.

The "Miami Blend" babies

Four-week-old mixed breeds

Hi future mommies and daddies -- we're Mitch (A1591934), Vanessa (A1591936), Bethanie (A1591937), and Lisa (A1591933). We're an impossibly adorable mix of Miami's best poochie dating pool. We had a bit of a rough start and showed up at the shelter dehydrated, emaciated and unable to walk on our cute little puppy paws. Bethanie (with the white nose) almost died! But we've been nursed and cuddled back to health, and we are so ready to canoodle our way into the hearts of some awesome Miami fams! Bonus points for potential matches with backyards and kiddie playmates. Won't you come and see us? Eskimo kisses all around!


Two-year-old Lab mix

I'm a survivor who's been through some serious ish. I rolled up to the shelter very sad, suffering from major neck wounds. Luckily, some legit vets put a drain in my neck and got me all healed up. As you can tell, I'm a tough cookie (btw, have I mentioned I love cookies?) and I never, ever complain. But I've been hanging around this joint a little too long (a month), and I'm ready to strut my stuff on the Miami streets with the new love of my life. I enjoy cuddles, more cuddles, and being held by my buddies at Animal Services. Shall we try a first date? Second? Third maybe? Call me! A1588319.


Three-year-old American Bulldog mix

My story is kinda sad. I was used as a breeder dog for my owners, only to have my babies taken away time and time again. When my owners didn't want me anymore, they left me preggers at the shelter. Sadly, my babies didn't make it, but the vet performed surgery and saved my life. Now, I'm looking for a life partner that'll give me lots of affection and attention furever and ever. I'm totally a people-person and am all about the lovin' -- once I get to know you. I'm not a huge fan of other d-o-g-s (call me the jealous type) but I promise I'll be your best girl for life. Please give me a ring, I'm looking for love. A1589279.


Four-week-old Terrier mix

Aren't I just a little cutie patootie? Me and my siblings came to the shelter too itty bitty to stay, so we've been hanging out with an awesome foster fam for awhile. We've been getting tons of attention and are becoming social butterflies, but we're ready to move into new relationships. I'm looking for someone to kiss me on my little wet nose, feed me Greenies and let me pee on grass all over the city! My number is A1594229.

Jack and Jill

Four-week-old Dachshund mixes

You've probably heard our story. We trotted innocently up a hill and met with a little bit of bad luck. We were saved by some nice folks, and now, we're getting lots of puppy love in our foster home. Jill is a sassy sweetheart who enjoys playful puppy growls and bouncing around like a mini-Tigger. Jack, on the other hand, is a quiet cuddler. He enjoys snuggling with his sister and gazing on everyone with his big puppy dog eyes, which would melt even Cruella de Vil's icy heart.


Six-week-old Terrier mix

Howdy folks! Look at this face. Just look. I mean, what more do you need to know about little old me? You can even go on a mini-date with muah at Mall of the Americas today! I'll be there from noon until four, and I'd love to meet you and lick you for your trouble. Call and ask for me. I'll be waiting! My number is A1591566.

Bert and Ernie

Four-week-old Lab mixes

Don't you just want to kiss our fuzzy little faces? We're just waiting to smooch you! We're a bundle of puppy joy, and we're totally ready for some long-term love. Our ideal forever homes would have room to romp, chew toys aplenty and belly rubs that never end. Come meet us and all our brothers and sisters! We've got tons of puppy friends. Lots of potential soulmates -- we promise.

The MDAS adoption fee for puppies is $75, $65 for adult dogs. The fee includes microchip, neuter/spay surgery and vaccines. For most of February, adoption fee for dogs over 35 pounds is free, other than a $27 fee for a county tag.

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