Meet Delightways, the Other App Inspiring You to Explore Miami This Week

A new app just launched in Miami. Using GPS maps, it inspires users to get outside and wander around the city. And along the way, many users collect unique experiences.

No, we're not talking about Pokémon Go. We're talking about Delightways, an interactive app that navigates users along unique paths throughout their favorite cities. There aren't any virtual creatures to catch in this map app, but you'll definitely find some new and exciting things you might have been overlooking all this time. 

Miami is one of ten cities in which Delightways helps users rediscover the joy of wandering, as sponsoring company San Pellegrino Sparkling Fruit beverages calls it, "the Italian way." The purpose of Delightways is to encourage users to get off I-95 and try a novel method of transportation instead: walking. You know, like they do in Europe.

Delightways leads users through itineraries with stops designed to amaze and inspire, including stunning street art you've been bypassing for years, the best restaurants and shops you haven't tried, spectacular architecture, parks you've been taking for granted, and many other places you just flat-out need to stop and see. 
"In Italy, life is not about the destination; it's about the moments of joy you discover along the way," says Tony Vizioli, marketing manager for Italian brands at Nestlé Waters. "With the Delightways app, we hope users will be inspired to seek out delightful moments in their favorite cities."

San Pellegrino designed Delightways with the use of mapping tools and Foursquare technology to identify the most interesting attractions and under-the-radar hot spots in Miami. Users can customize their paths by starring and unstarring destinations as they pass them. Consumers can also input a specific destination or choose to wander unexplored areas before selecting a suggested path that showcases the city’s up-and-coming spots.

Because, hey, not every worthy destination in Miami comes with a PokéSpot attached.

Delightways hit the market June 16 and is also available in New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. Users can download the app from iTunes or Google Play
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