Meet Ana Marie Farina, Ms. Exxxotica 2011, Former Miss Calle Ocho (Photos)

Exxxotica 2011 has come and gone, and the New Times blogosphere pummeled you with content every steamy, dripping, latex-y step of the way. But we forgot one crucial detail: Miss Exxxotica 2011.

The annual beauty pageant selects one lucky amateur participant to be the official queen of the convention. As soon as we realized our glaring error we contacted this year's winner, Ana Marie Farinas, via email to get the full low-down. 

New Times: Who is Ms. Exxxotica 2011?

Ana Marie Farina:  My friends call me Amarie. I'm 25, but nobody believes me. I hear I look 19. LOL. I live in Miami and I'm from here but my parents are Cuban.

How did you enter the Ms. Exxxotica pageant?

I just went to Exxxotica. I really had no intention to enter the

contest. I heard about it, and I really needed the money. I actually

kept asking my friend, "You think I'll win? I feel fat and bloated."

LOL. She was like, "Girl, please, you better put this on and get your

ass up there on stage. I really didn't think I would win. I borrowed the

bikinis from my friend that was selling outfits there.

Have you starred in any porn yourself?

I actually worked with Gina Lynn once. The film was called, A Good Friend. She

is such a sweetheart. My role was a good friend of hers. My pretend

boyfriend and I came over her house for lunch, and we ended up arguing,

so I left and they had sex. I was never part of the action nor was I

there watching it. It was good. Quick and safe money. Funny too. LOL.

What is your favorite kind of porn?

I don't really watch porn. But when I do, dang, I actually like watching girl-on-girl. Cute girls, though. LOL. 

What is your least favorite kind of porn? 

Auuggggh! My least favorite is, like, when you can so tell they are

faking it, or when the girls tits look like huge fake watermelons, or

when they are so saggy

they are flapping everywhere like pancakes. But hey that's just my

personal opinion. A lot of guys like that. Oooohh, and when the dudes

are just crazy looking LOL. It really turns into a comedy instead of a

turn on.

Have you won any previous pageants?

The only pageant I entered before Exxxotica, which I also won, was Miss

Calle Ocho. LOL. I was about 8 or 9. I won a toy instead of money. I

think it was, like, a tea party set. LMAO. All I remember was that I was


What are your plans now that you are Ms. Exxxotica?

I will be continuing to work on my modeling portfolio. I don't plan to

do any porn but I will continue to be sexy and exotic, especially on

this new calendar I'm working on with my photographer, Angelo Lumas. It

will be released in October. Stay tuned to my Twitter for updates: @AMARIEWORLD.

What advice can you give to future contestants in the Ms. Exxxotica pageant?

You have nothing to lose but a try. Or think Nike: Just Do It. LOL.

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