May 2011 Second Saturday Art Walk: Red Dot Fever

Are there rich South Americans in town or are locals buying up all the art in Wynwood?  Whatever the case, the gallery walls on Saturday's art walk were full of red dots signifying sales. Now some young Picasso will be able to afford a ham sandwich and quit thinking about cutting off his or her own ear. Thank you, money, you make America great.

For all the haters who cry about the food trucks, carnival atmosphere, free booze, rowdy art fans, and everything else fun, we'll call the Whaa-mbulance for you later. For now, here's a photo recap, and proof that you can fire your boss, make art, and still pay rent.

But there was plenty of awesome work besides just what sold, like these giant yarn balls by Teresa Pereda at Alejandra Von Hartz gallery.And this piece here wasn't even for sale, but it rules the streets,This one too,
Somebody bought this chain door setup from Myra Galleries:
And there was plenty of good partying too, with live bands all over the hood, and packs of people drinkin' and hanging out like below at Gab Gallery:
Teepop's Alphabet City offered acrylic renderings of popular icons arranged alphabetically:

And it's not too often you see John Waters next to Malcolm X:

And Bunny Yeager over at Harold Golen Gallery was looking good. She's the lady that invented hot girls on the beach in Miami as a photo licensing industry. That's why it feels like you've seen her work before, because everybody is still copying her.

And she's still lookin good:

We call this one "How To Interrupt a Photo Shoot":

Mad props to the Golden Stilt Lady too, she was workin the hell out of the streets:

And thank you to Mac Art Group for putting Lebo on a gallery wall, that dude's work is the shit:

Also big ups to photography, which was everywhere we looked:

Cool work at Eleazar Delgado as well:

And it wouldn't be a real art neighborhood if there weren't street work available so much respect to all that there and anybody doin it:

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