Max Emerson Screens Earwig and DipSpit at MGLFF's Made in Miami Tonight

Tonight, the seventh floor of the 1111 Lincoln Road garage will be transformed into a post-modern drive-in for the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. The Made in Miami event includes world premieres of Max Emerson's short films Earwig and DipSpit. The two mark Emerson's writing and directing debut. A graduate of University of Miami's Acting/Directing program, his previous credits include modeling and acting for the likes of Logo, Nickelodeon, HBO, and Bravo.

Tonight's po-mo drive-in also includes servers on roller skates dishing out complimentary snacks and cocktails by Shake Shack and Brown-Forman (Jack Daniels, Finlandia, Herradura, and Chambord Vodka). Read on for more on Emerson's work.

After years of acting and modeling, Emerson decided he wanted to go into

film. "I grew up as an actor in theater. I love live performance and

that charge that comes from everyone being in the same place and time

for a one-of-a-kind story, but film seems to have more permanence, which

gives it a better chance of reaching a wider audience and becoming a

lasting picture of our culture. Plus, it's easier to sit through if you

have ADD!"

Earwig tells the tale of Max, a closeted college student. It's an "adaptation of two stories: Where the Wild Things Are and The Bacchae. It's a tragedy about drug abuse, self-abuse and finally self-acceptance," explains Emerson.

"Earwig is really important to me because most of it was loosely based on an actual experience when I was a freshman dealing with my sexuality and social anxiety at UM. I came back after it all happened and my teacher Vince Cardinal forced me to write it down. I think it accurately portrays what it's like to hide, and how our words -- even when used jokingly -- can have a damaging effect on others."

​While Earwig demonstrates Emerson's flair for the dramatic, DipSpit will show off his comedic talents. "DipSpit is a comedy about two [straight] male models who are kicked out of the 8th [street] and Ocean [drive] model dorms and go to live with a gay college student down the street. Disaster ensues."

So, what inspired the unusual title? "It just fits. I was inspired by my messy roommate who used to spit a lot of dip in pretty much any container he could find. The idea of the stuff is disgusting, yet bizarrely sexy and entirely absurd. It became clear early in the writing process that it would be the central metaphor for the film."

And what do you hope the audience will experience when watching your films? "With Earwig I hope that people learn to be more precise with their words and also to see what can happen when you don't deal with problems head-on. With DipSpit I just hope they laugh, appreciate their own friends a little bit more, and quit using smokeless tobacco. That shit is gross!"

DipSpit trailer:

Made in Miami is free, but admission is based on a first come, first serve basis and capacity is limited to 300 people. The event takes place at 1111 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach, inside the parking garage, seventh floor. Show will start at 7 p.m. and end at 11 p.m. Visit mglff.com or call 305-534-9924.

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