Mavis Is Rockabilly Glam

Fashion Breadown: "Most of what I have on including the shoes are from the thrift stores. The sleeves were long so I hemmed them." The bag is from Pacific Sun, the flower in hair from Claires, the nail sticker polish from Sally Hansen. Earrings are two-gauge plugs.

Name: Mavis Pangantihon
Where are you from? Philippines, but I was born in NYC and raised in Kendall. Now I live in Little Haiti.
Tell me about these nails! Do you like the product? I love it! These are my real nails and this stick on polish. I've had on over two weeks and it still looks good.
You seem to be in to the rockabilly look... I

love '50s and yes, I am into the scene. I love everything about it,

the music, the fashion. I've been doing it for a while, maybe 5 or 6

Always red lipstick? Always.
Love the tattoo. Who was the artist? Pooka at Sunset Tattoo Parlour
Where can we find you on Friday nights? Depending on the night I guess. Usually Churchill's or The Room, basically anywhere where there's a good beer selection

Spotted at MOCA during Summer Amplified.

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