Matzo Ballin': A Christmas Eve Bash for the Chosen People

During Christmas in South Florida, a sizable part of the population is left with one dark city and not too many outing options. So 25 years ago, one inventive Jew came up with the greatest idea of all -- the Matzo Ball. This annual celebration invites Jewish singles to booze and schmooze on Christmas Eve.

But don't let the name fool you. Even though it's a predominantly Jewish affair (sponsored by JDate, to be exact), the Matzo Ball welcomes everyone to its quarters, from honey-baked ham hustlers to Kwanzaa canoodlers. Once again, this year's big event is taking over Fontainebleau Miami Beach on the fifth night of Channukah. Last year's extravaganza at LIV raked in an impressive 1,000-plus guests and a squad of fire marshals to slow down foot traffic. In 2011, the fiesta is back -- with a back-up plan to take care of the


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Expect a double-decker bash spilling into Arkadia. For the

first time ever, the Matzo Ball is introducing "The Big Chill," a

25-and-over event for singles interested in locking eyes and lips with

older partners. What does this mean for LIV? Probably more debauchery.

The older crowd can get down too -- we've been told

30 is the new 20 -- and with the adult attendees come bigger bucks. So

ladies, which door will you choose?

Slug down a few cocktails, flirt with a mensch and rub up on a

vodka-happy stranger. Your Matzo Ball destiny lies in your

hands alone -- whether you're in it for a mate to bring back to the Holy

Land, or an anecdotal one-night stand. Where there's a will, there's a

way. And, hopefully, he'll pay.

If not, treat yourself to a late-night bowl of Jewish Penicillin. Jerry's Deli is just up the road.  

The 25th Annual Matzo Ball is scheduled to take over LIV and Arkadia

in Fontainebleau Miami Beach on Saturday, December 24, 2011 at 9 p.m.

For more information, visit matzoball.org and use promo code "FREESOUP"

for a $5 discount on advanced tickets. Admission is $30, cash only, at the door. 

--Tracy Block

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