Matt Miller's Nickel Glass Blows Up Bird Road Arts District

Matthew Miller blows. Glass, that is. Like a caveman Matt uses fire as a tool to turn what would otherwise be inconspicuous materials into works of art that sometimes double as home décor.

Nickel Glass is his custom line of home décor, which he showcases at his shop of the same name in the Bird Road Arts District. The shop also doubles as Nickel Gallery during the Bird Road Art Walk. If you have broken pieces of your own, you can also bring them to Matt for repair.

Matt took some time out of

his busy schedule to talk to us recently. Read on for more about Nickel

Gallery's place in the Bird Road Art Walk, how Matt learned to blow,

and how he feels about selling his pieces.

Aside from the home decoration line, the glass repair, and the

artwork, you can also make custom orders at Nickel Gallery, and even

take glass blowing classes. Even though Matt's shop serves what seems

like quadruple duty, the truth is that it is really worth coming out to

see Matt's art - what he calls, "a unity of glass, metal, and wood." He

further explains, "It's a collaboration of the three skills I have

learned in my life."

New Times: How did you get into glassblowing?

Matt Miller: I got in to glass blowing when I was around 15 years old thanks to Jonathan Vincent Daniels. His parents somehow heard of a program at the University of Miami called Art After Dark. He had taken one class and told me I had to come check that shit out. So I went with him to the next class and was hooked and been doing it ever since.

How do you participate in the Bird Road Arts Walk?

Thanks to the Bird Road Art Walk I have started a gallery called Nickel Gallery. It's in the front portion of Nickel Glass studio. I either show my artwork, new works from Nickel Glass, or other local artists. In future events I will be doing live [glassblowing] demos.

Have you ever created a piece that you didn't want to sell?

I think pretty much all of my personal art work I never want to sell. I put so much work and feeling into each piece it's really hard to let go.

Do you teach classes?

We do offer classes here at Nickel Glass. In about a week a class schedule and sing up sheet will be on the web site or people can always call. Classes will be starting in about two months.

What do you hope to accomplish with your gallery?

The gallery is just something I am doing for fun. It's just good times every third Saturday of the month.

Check out this video of Matt blowing it up:

Nickel Glass/Nickel Gallery (4432 SW 74 Ave., Miami) is open Monday through Sunday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. and from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. during the Bird Road Art Walk every third Saturday of the month. Call 305- 261-2230.

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