Masters of Their Domain

The Frost Art Museum is tapping into a heady brew of emerging talent and serving up works by a trio of students set to graduate from Florida International University’s master of fine arts program. Opening today, the “MFA 2006 Exhibit”makes an intoxicating splash with the creative juices of Santo-Martin Cordero, Jules Lusson, and Hugo Moro.

Cordero chimes in with a sound installation reflecting on the human voice as the primordial instrument. His work explores how our pipes can produce the most fluid and flexible vibes known to man. Inspired by excavated relics, Lusson’s drawings of bugs and bones are steeped in the Florida landscape and layered with mists, webs, and reptilian skins evoking bizarre swamplands or dreamscapes. For his installation, Moro has rounded up hundreds of industrially manufactured boxes that pull double duty as cardboard replicas of Havana’s concrete street markers while commenting on the nostalgia addling Miami’s Cuban seniors. A closing reception will take place April 14 at 8:00 p.m.
March 31-April 14
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Carlos Suarez De Jesus