Masked at GableStage through August 7

The explosive and provocative Masked skillfully plumbs the depths of the raw emotions of the divisive Israeli-Palestinian conflict through honest storytelling and aggressive, brooding, and sobering performances from its three stars. Written in 1990, three years after the first intifada, the one-act play reveals the toxicity that pervades war and its countless, often nameless victims. In a village on the West Bank, three Palestinian brothers are torn between their obligations to family, ideology, and their own survival. Simmering beneath the surface of their relationship are rumors that the eldest has turned informant for the Israeli government, while the brothers are still dealing with a personal tragedy that recently rocked their world. Director Joseph Adler gets his actors to hit the right notes and turn in fine performances, lending weight to an intense script that delves into some divisive machinations.

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Chris Joseph