Martinis of the Orient in Excess

My mother is concerned I am taking this drink-of-the-week gig too seriously. “Do you have to go out drinking every week?” she asked. “Isn’t that too much?” It’s a tough job, Mom. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you that this week I went to M-Bar at the Mandarin Oriental (500 Brickell Key Dr., Miami), a bar that claims on its Website to be “the home of the largest selection of martinis in South Florida” (250, to be exact). The list is broken down by categories that are eerily similar to those I use to classify my ex-boyfriends: Classic, Sweet, Fruity, Naughty but Nice, and Odd Balls.

Teo, who has been minding M-Bar for six years, recommended the classic Mandarin martini, a sweet, tropical mix of Absolut Mandarin, orange liqueur, sour mix, and pineapple juice, served with an orange slice. Though the libation is quite refreshing on its own, it is best enjoyed out on the terrace at sunset, with the Mandarin’s unrivaled view of the Miami skyline. Bar hours are 5:00 p.m. to midnight Monday through Thursday and Sunday; 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday. The martinis are priced at $12 and $14. Call 305-913-8288, or visit
Starts: Nov. 21. Daily, 2006
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Lyssa Oberkreser
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