Margaret Cho Was One Hilarious Ho at the Fillmore Miami Beach

Margaret Cho sure has a purty mouth. She did spout out quite a few "I-really-like-to-give-head" jokes last Saturday night during her super raunchy show at the Fillmore Miami Beach, her latest stop on her Cho Dependent Tour. But that's not all that Cho's ball-sack-loving-orifice ("you can suck them in like a Jell-o shot") can produce. Appearing before a packed audience of lushes, lesbians, and lovers of Liza Minnelli's music, this All American Girl, who rocked a white, fringed wrap dress, not only showed off her colorful sleeves of Ed Hardy ink, but also some serious singing pipes. No wonder her album, Cho Dependent, a complication of songs co-composed with artists like Tegan and Sara, Ani DiFranco, and fellow marijuana-lover, Tommy Chong, just snagged a Grammy nomination for Best Comedy Album.

"Who knew a voice like that could come out of a face like this?" she

joked after a cheeky country twanger called "I'm Sorry" inspired by an

old crush...who ended up murdering his wife. Other delightful ditties

included a rap-battle about the cleanliness of pusses (and I'm not talking about the kind who wear boots) and an acoustic ode to dick topped by a cameo by the Gay Men's Chorus of South Florida at the end of the show.

And although the songs were scrumptious side dishes of comedy,

the real meat of her show was the straight stand-up. This included

bits about old poop sitting idle in your bowels and merging with new

poop, American Idol contestants chugging olive oil, hatred towards

online sites that solicit more money from you half way through a porn

("I can get off on a thumbnail"), and provoking commentary about

self-lubricating assholes.

"Are they like self-cleaning ovens?" the comedienne pondered.

No, Margaret Cho, you hilarious ho. No. They're. Not.

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Elyse Wanshel
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