Mara Hoffman: A Few Repeat Offenders and Lots of Boho Chic

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Night three at Mercedes-Benz Swim Week had us really excited to scope out Mara Hoffman's collection. Yet, one step backstage and we felt like we were experiencing déjà vu.

There were the same tribal patterns, neon hues, and hell, even the warrior make-up and hair -- which was tied in fish tail braids. It was all too similar to her runway look from last year.

Ay, Marita, we know your 2011 collection was gorgeous, exotic, and really one of the best and we truly are fans, but seriously mujer, que paso? We don't have amnesia.

Hoffman's collections typically tell a story of nomadic excursions (last year it was to the Amazon). This year she went all over the

map from Africa to Mexico and Egypt. Talk about globe-trotting. 

Last year, Hoffman's all-staring blue eye AKA evil eye, which protects you from

"mal de ojo," was sprinkled on body-con frocks, bikinis accented with

four straps, and beach bags. We found it so innovative and

genius-- until we saw the now over-saturated print again this year too

and thought no bueno.

Okay, so while there was quite a few repeat offenders, which were breath-taking boho chic, ethereal, and sumptuous in typical Hoffman style, there

were some new takes on her flowy caftans, tunics, oversized totes, and


Take for instance, her Egyptian getups that were introduced by

the Bangles' "Walk Like an Egyptian" hit song and featured King Tuts head

emblazoned on them. The animal prints, although it seems every designer

in this Swim Week is doing them, was also different for Hoffman.


these pieces, which consisted of beading accents on solid suits and

leopard prints, African tunes were played and chunky wood bracelets were

stacked on. We were a sucker for her Mayan and Aztec-influenced swim

and resort wear.

Two stand-outs were a striped neon cropped top with

matching pants and an oversized bag brimming with multi colored tassels.

Overall, the 2012 collection won our hearts except for a bikini that

had a high-waisted bottom, which practically shrouded the model's entire

torso. Can you say tremendo tan line?

Check the full slideshow here.

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