Manteresting: The Woman-Hating Version of Pinterest Still Has Cupcakes

It's no secret that Pinterest is the devil. It's a time-sucking, hetero-normative, copyright-infringing vanity site that appears to exist to make women feel bad about their appearances and subpar crafting skills.

It also skews heavily toward women. That, apparently, was unacceptable to men -- straight men who hate paying attention to the people they want to fuck, specifically. So now there's Manteresting, a Pinterest for dudes, and it's a helpful reminder that feminism still matters. Because wow, do these guys ever hate women.

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Manteresting: Where people are ordinary household objects and sex is as exciting as unlocking your front door.

Get it? Because blowjobs.

You've also got your standard-issue modern pinups. Here, Mila Kunis is extra sexy because she's a) topless, and b) not speaking.

But for all the sexist, "women are this way, men are this way better way" bullshit on the site, there's a lot of similar content. Heavy-handed religion? Check.

LOL Animals? Check.

DIY projects? Check.

Manterest even has cupcakes, bro.

Maybe we're not so different after all, men and women. Well, except for this:

And this:

And the extra-rapey this:

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