Mannequins Get Animated at the News Lounge

A traditional animator is someone who spends hours meticulously moving objects frame by frame. Meanwhile, computer animation makes poor souls hunch over their screens for hours at a time, staring at a graphic. Last night, Spencer Morin and his crew used both methods at the second Animiami Kick-Off Party.

Over 100 guests crowded the dimly lit courtyard of the News Lounge. Morin was present to baffle guests as they walked by. His set-up, which included a spotlight, computer, and various gadgets, had guests doing double-takes. These were foreign objects not normally found at a lounge.

Morin compulsively smoked cigarette after cigarette and gave discerning

looks to any movement his crew made with his movie-making ornaments. For

the first animation, these ornaments included a nutcracker, a small

wooden figure, red clay, and a toy crane.

The constantly morphing scene depicted a wooden figure running through

changing backgrounds, which Morin captured frame by frame on his computer.

The nutcracker, crane, and red clay made guest appearances, but the

wooden figure was the real star of the show.

As Morin expressed, "my

hands are my program. It's the only program any animator really needs."

And we believe him. He managed to depict the rigorous step-by-step

process of animation and make a night of it. He also showed guests that

animation might not be for those who lack patience. Morin spent an hour

moving a host of objects, and the result was a 20 second eye-catching video.     

Next, the animators had some fun with dolls -- life-sized mannequins

donning hats, clothes, and jewelry. The second animation presented

guests with two mannequins at a table having some sort of discussion.

The projected scene had the crew running back and forth between computer

and mannequin, computer and mannequin. The slightest movement could make or break the scene.

Curious onlookers wanted a piece of what became an interactive display

of creativity or in Morin's words,  "an arduous sweat-pouring miracle."

Here's the final 24-frame video:

As Morin explains, "the purpose of these parties is to create and

reinforce the animation community in Miami and to get people pumped for

the conference." Animiami will take place on October 16 and 17. There's

also a third kick off party on September 16, so plan ahead to get your monthly

fix of Morin's shenanigans. 

-- Elena Chiriboga

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.