Make These Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs For Your Easter Basket

You already know that briefly adopting adorable bunnies for Easter, only to ditch them at a shelter or in the wild a couple months down the road, makes you a horrible monster.

It also means you're missing the point of Easter. No, not the blessed resurrection of our lord and savior. The eggs, people.

When you're a kid, Easter means having fun dying eggs and then finding those eggs. It means Easter baskets filled with plastic eggs, and getting chocolate wasted on the candy inside. In adulthood, your egg-related Easter excitement might have faded. But that's just because you haven't fully tapped into the nerdy potential of this weekend, when Easter coincides with the return of HBO's Game of Thrones.

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Turns out, the plot of Game of Thrones has one very important thing in common with Easter: Eggs are kind of a big deal. But GoT's eggs aren't filled with delicious jellybeans. They are filled with dragons.

That makes YouTube user JacquieLongLegs' Game of Thrones-themed Easter basket, complete with DIY dragon eggs, a kick-ass, grown-up take on Easter that we can get behind. You might want to watch the video below with the sound off, because her impersonation of the Khaleesi is, um, lacking. But that doesn't diminish the dorky fun of her idea.

Game of Thrones returns March 31, LIKE YOU'RE NOT COUNTING THE SECONDS.

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